“Let’s Trash America” Campaign Poster

“Let’s Trash America” Campaign Poster

Be ready for the Next Big Rally with your own copy of the official TRASHMAN Campaign Poster!

Printed in full, glorious color on high-quality American-made paper cut from the finest trees, this 11” x 14” “campaign poster,” a glorious tribute to The Man Who Trashes America, will make you the envy of every other Patriot on your block.

Crafted in the finest detail by world-renowned fine artist (and Garbage purveyor) James Warhola, this one-of-a-kind poster, “Let’s Trash America,” is, much like his Garbage Pail Kids work, equal parts humorous and horrifying. Perhaps oddly appropriate for these politically charged times we live in, it is sure to become a treasured collector’s item in years to come. Or not. But definitely one of the two.

Available now for only $28.50 postpaid, with all copies signed by the artist himself and a portion of the proceeds earmarked for worthy causes near and dear to The Trashman’s heart: the ACLU, Black Lives Matter, Planned Parenthood, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Feeding America, the World Heath Organization and the Red Cross. (Please let us know your preference of cause at checkout.)

Get yours today! But don’t stop at just one, buy two! Or more! Tell your friends! Imagine a sea of Trashman posters greeting The Man Himself the next time he emerges from the bunker to greet the teeming masses gathered to pay tribute to his magnificence!

Copyright © 2020 James Warhola. All rights reserved. Created and produced in the (so far, at least barely) good ol’ US of A.